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Choosing Your Wedding Aesthetic: 3 Helpful Tips!


You have the ring, now what? If you find yourself overwhelmed with no idea where to start planning your wedding, start off with choosing an aesthetic! Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track for the big day.

Tip #1: Personal Style

The first aspect when choosing a wedding aesthetic is to consider your personal style. Your wedding is all about you, (don’t forget that), choose an aesthetic that compliments you and is within your interests. To help incorporate your personal style, ask yourself these three questions…

1. How is your current home designed?

2. What was your favorite fashion era?

3. What color of clothing do you reach for while shopping?

Considering the design of your home can be very helpful, whether it be rustic, farmhouse, modern, bohemian, etc. you can use this as your starting point in choosing an aesthetic. By thinking about your favorite fashion era, it can help create a theme, is it the roaring 20’s or the funky 80’s, this can be a fun way to choose a unique theme. When choosing a color palette for your wedding, think about the colors you normally wear or choose when shopping for yourself. You obviously want to look amazing at your own wedding so if you’re unsure about your color palette, take a quiz to see which one fits you:

Remember, your wedding day is all about you and your special someone. Each element should be a reflection of who you both are, not what anyone else thinks it should be.

Photo by: Nick & Maria (Studio 1208)

Tip #2: Incorporate the season

If you have already chosen your wedding date, this step is easy. If not, you should definitely start thinking about what season you would like it to be in. This plays an important role when choosing an aesthetic for your big day. Below are some ideas & trends to consider for each season.


  • Deep colors (maroon, mahogany, Cinnamon, Rust, Gold etc.)

  • Halloween aesthetic if your wedding falls in October

  • Leaves & pumpkins as décor

  • Fall Bouquets

  • Wedding photos with colorful trees

Photo by One Stop Event Rentals


  • Winter Colors: Emerald, Icy Blue, Lavender, Grey, Mint, & White

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Holiday Themed

  • Wedding Photos in snow

Photo by Travis J Photography


  • Pastel color palette

  • Lots and Lots of floral decor

  • Use Nature

  • Umbrella decor/photos

  • Photo wall

Photo by Hitched


  • Tropical

  • Beach/nautical theming

  • Pops of bright colors

  • Outdoor Games

  • Twinkly Lights

  • Sparklers

Photo by Hitched

Tip #3: Consider the Venue

Now that you have started thinking about the first two steps, this last one is simple! If you have thought about where you would like to host your wedding, think about the space and imagine how you want it to look on your special day. Finding the perfect venue can be difficult with all the options you have, but consider the first two steps and think, “does it go with my venue?” For example, if you're going for a rustic aesthetic think about venues like a barn or a farm to complete it. Or if you are doing a twenties theme, a good venue to compliment your aesthetic would be an elegant setting like a ballroom or upscale hotel. Another thing to consider with the venue is how you prefer your photos. The venue will be a huge factor in your wedding photos. If you choose an outdoor venue you will get that beautiful natural lighting, but if you choose a darker venue you will get dimmer, more mysterious-looking photos. There are plenty of different aspects in considering your perfect venue, go with your gut and choose the one that is right for you!

Photo by Maine Barn Wedding Venue

Now you have all you need to start choosing a wedding aesthetic! Use these tips to create a perfect aesthetic that will make your wedding an extraordinary experience that you and your loved ones will remember forever. I understand it’s not easy to relax with the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding but remember to carve out a few moments along the way to breathe and enjoy the journey.

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