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Fall Wedding Must Haves!

As August comes to a close, Fall is just around the corner waiting to envelop us in it’s beautiful colors. I personally love fall and would love to plan a Fall wedding for myself someday. Fall is colorful. Reds, oranges, deep yellow, gold, dark green, and so many more amazing hues you can fill your wedding day with. There are many different elements you can add to your Fall wedding that can really add a little extra something to your big day. Here are my top 3 must haves!

A Killer Color Scheme

Trendy color schemes will come and go, but why not step outside of the box with a color scheme that is sure to surprise your guests. I LOVE fall colors and I’m obsessed with them at weddings. But stepping outside of the box can be a really great way to make your wedding feel unique and different. Navy blue, ivory, and rusty colors are sure to do the trick. Navy blue is considered more of a winter wedding color, however it pairs phenomenally with oranges and rust colors during Fall. Choosing something like this allows you to add pops of colors that will give off all the Fall vibes. You can be bold and go for a navy linen with pops of deep oranges as your centerpieces. Or switch it around and set ivory linens with pops of navy and orange combined. You can even get creative and include the orange/rust colors as details on napkins, flatware, or your dishware. This will subtly bring in that color without overkill.

Tables with Style

Navy and orange not doing it for you? Another way you can really kick your fall wedding up a notch is with a unique table setup. Rectangle tables have been recently becoming more popular in the wedding scene and they give off such a vintage rustic look. Not only a rectangular table but a wooden table. Wooden tables with a natural look to them really add a genuine sense of rustic fall. This may not be a great option for you if you are really looking for a classic modern wedding look. Adding some Fall decor and lighting to this style of table can add such an elegant look to it. Leave a linen off for a natural look and include simple floral with pops of color. If you like the all natural look, simple greenery can keep the tables looking simple and neutral.

Hints of Halloween

Let’s say you’re having an October wedding, you love the Fall season and especially Halloween. If you aren’t into jack o'lanterns and skeletons for your wedding theme but want to add some fun touches of that holiday you love, try hints of Halloween! Add a spooky candy bar with your favorite Trick or Treat items with cute Halloween aesthetic treat bags. Keep the colors within your wedding scheme. (Navy blue skulls on the candy bar table instead of bright orange or ivory pumpkins instead of orange.) You can even add a photo booth with easy to try on Halloween costumes, signs, and anything that makes your spooky heart happy. This adds that fun Fall holiday element without going over the top or cheesy if you don’t want it to be.

I hope you love my go-to Fall wedding tips! Fall is coming up and it’s not too late to plan a last minute Fall wedding. Mary Isabel Events is here to help you plan with special discounts for Fall/Winter 2020.

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