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  • Lauren Carboni

Let's Make Business Fun: 3 Ways to Turn your Corporate Meetings Around!

When people think of a corporate business meeting, their mind might immediately go to a boring conference room filled with business men and women gathered around a table with coffee.

Nowadays, that is changing. With the new trends in the event world and the growing event industry, corporate events are now something business men and women can look forward too. While there are so many ways to make corporate events fun, the top three I have found are pop-up giveaways, going the luxury route, and digital graffiti/interactive canvases.

Pop-Up Giveaways

What’s better than going to an event and leaving with a free prize? Adding pop-up giveaways to any corporate meeting or event is a way to not only engage your audience but make your event fun and interactive at the same time.

A way to incorporate pop-up giveaways is having sponsors of your event set up tables with raffles or games to win free prizes. Whether it be a phone case, a cooler, or even a brand new tv. If it’s free, guests will be entertained and engaged.

With this new element to add to your corporate event, meetings will go from mediocre and ordinary to exceptional and efficient.

Luxury Route

Have you ever thought of moving your business meeting somewhere out of the office and conference table? Here's how you can! A new way to make your corporate meeting fun and different is adding an element of luxury. Something about meeting with your co-workers on a yacht or in a penthouse just makes a meeting or conference sound more fun, and it will be!

The key to a successful meeting is incorporating elements that will make your staff and other participants get excited about what will be discussed and accomplished.

Making everyone involved feel comfortable in the setting of the meeting will allow for more to get accomplished. Sitting around an oval table with a cup of coffee can get boring and repetitive. So why not sit on comfy couches in a pent house or on chairs looking over the water on a yacht? A change of scenery can be the key to not only a successful meeting but a successful company.

Digital Graffiti/Interactive Canvas

Incorporating a digital graffiti wall or an interactive canvas may not be an element you’d think to add to a business meeting but having an element of fun, is what adults need every now and then.

Whether this canvas be for fun, or a new way to engage your employees and all the ideas they have, this is a perfect element to add to your next corporate event. Typing and only hearing from a few employees can be a hard way to get all the great ideas for the future of the company. By having an interactive canvas, a question can be posted and all attendees can add their ideas that will later be discussed in a group setting.

A successful company incorporates ideas from all employees and discusses together which ones will allow the company the thrive and succeed in the future. A digital graffiti wall or an interactive canvas is a fun yet efficient way to incorporate the ideas of all and make a bright future for the company at hand.

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