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Top 4 Gorgeous (and Affordable) Flowers For Every Season!

If you have an event coming up in any season - fall, winter, spring, or summer - you can still have a stunning floral design and arrangement while also being budget-friendly. Cutting the cost does not always mean you are cutting the quality.

You’re already off to a great start if you’ve landed here -- searching for in-season flowers is the number one budget-friendly decision you can make!

The decision is ultimately up to you based on your specialized vision for the event. Let’s explore some affordable options for each season...


Fall’s Top Four

According to Kristi Kellogg, the most budget-friendly flowers you can add to your fall event are gerbera daisies, roses, chrysanthemum disbuds, and alstroemeria. Stop and smell the roses along the way, but take an extra-long pause at these crisp flowers:

Gerbera Daisies

  • Bright and colorful

  • Yellow, white, pink, red, orange, lavender, and mixed shades

  • Symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love (Interflora)


  • Classic and elegant flower

  • White, yellow, pink, purple, orange, etc.

  • Symbolize love, romance, and confidentiality (FTD by Design)

Chrysanthemum Disbuds

  • Delicate and pretty

  • White, cream, yellow, mauve, gold, and shades of pink

  • Symbolize happiness, love, longevity, and joy (Eastern Floral)


  • Unique six-petaled flower

  • Red, orange, purple, green, white, and more textured colors, too

  • Symbolize the ability to support one another through life (Bloom & Wild)


Winter’s Top Four

Although winter flowers are bound to be more expensive, there are still affordable options. For this season, the top four would be poinsettias, dusty millers, ranunculus, and carnations. Take this season’s suggestions with a grain of salt...


  • A dazzling winter classic

  • Quintessential red, pink, white, yellow, purple, and even multicolored

  • Symbolize good cheer, success, and celebration (Blossom Flower Shops)

Dusty Miller

  • Dusted with snow

  • Grey and silver

  • Symbolize industriousness and hard work (Flower Magazine)


  • Uniquely shaped, the rose of spring

  • Pink, white, orange, red, yellow, purple, or cream

  • Symbolizes radiant charm and beauty (Amaranthus Paper & Flora)


  • Full and bright

  • Pink, white, red, yellow, or scarlet

  • Symbolize fascination, distinction, and love (FTD by Design)


Spring’s Top Four

Per the recommendation of Kim Wise, daisies, freesias, tulips, and carnations are the most affordable flowers during springtime. Enjoy exploring your many options for this popular flower season, but follow your green thumb to these remarkable florals...


  • Exquisite and modest

  • White, red, purple, and pink

  • Symbolize innocence and purity (FTD by Design)


  • Sweet-smelling and delicious

  • White, cream, yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender, and purple

  • Symbolize trust and friendship (FTD by Design)


  • Popular and lovely

  • White, cream, maroon, black, purple, yellow, and more

  • Symbolize perfect and deep, unconditional love (Bloom & Wild)

Queen Anne’s Lace

  • Simple and delicate

  • White, with an occasional purple-seeming center

  • Symbolize sanctuary (Carithers Flowers)


Summer’s Top Four

Continuing with Kim Wise’s expertise, the warmer months of summer include baby’s breath, sunflowers, gladioli, and wax flowers. Imagine these flowers during golden hour under the sun...

Baby’s Breath

  • Branched and elegant

  • White, but it can be dyed to be pink, green, blue, purple, orange, burgundy, etc.

  • Symbolize everlasting love and innocence (Flower Shop Network)


  • Bright and enthralling

  • Yellow, orange, ruby red, and sometimes bronze or white

  • Symbolize loyalty, happiness, and adoration (Bloom & Wild)


  • Fascinating and pointed

  • White, yellow, pink, lavender, rose, burgundy, purple, green, and more

  • Symbolize strength, integrity, and infatuation (FTD by Design)

Wax Flower

  • Shiny and abundant

  • White, pink, or purple

  • Symbolize lasting love or patience (Ava’s Flowers)


Happy floral hunting!!

Check out the articles I used for my research if you’re interested in learning more:

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