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Top 7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Last Forever

Your wedding day is just that one day. The memories within that one day could last you a lifetime and a half. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to carry on the love you are celebrating. So here are seven ways to make those memories last forever:

1. Create a fine wine that is just yours!

Keep it tucked away and revisit it on special occasions or just when you want to celebrate your love all over again (Literally Darling). This could be the perfect drink to sip on every time you celebrate a milestone. You could even have a message for your future selves prepared to reach for each year to come...

2. Hire a live painter!

The stunning art of a live painter can be hung in your home forever and even used on your thank you notes (Literally Darling). Clients are usually stunned by the beauty of such real art, and this is so unique. No words, just the beauty of color that says it all...

3. Preserve your wedding flowers in any way you could imagine!

Dry them and hang them up, frame them, cover them in wax, or even put them in resin and make a lettered sign. For more information on how to do these timeless crafts, check out this article by Helen Pye from Hitched.

4. Have guests record messages of congratulations in a way that lasts forever!

Have a telephone ready to collect messages like it’s your answering machine and then transfer it over to a vinyl record! @Afterthetone can turn this into a forever voicemail. It’s like listening to your favorite song...

5. Choose a specific perfume scent for the day of your wedding!

Pick something you love and wear it when you want to celebrate your love. Now every time you spray that particular scent, it will bring you back (Inspiration via @naireekiana on Tik Tok). Turn your love story into an odor...

6. Hire a videographer!

A videographer will capture every special moment and it will seamlessly flow into the perfect movie. You can relive your wedding day over and over again in the most beautiful way. Storytelling is magical, especially when that story is yours...

7. Place disposable cameras at each table!

There is nothing better than candid, retro-looking photos. Developing these photos will be so fun as you will be able to see the moments captured behind the scenes. I bet they will make you smile for years to come…

If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share them below in the comments. Although it’s not possible to make one day last forever, there are certainly little ways to try!

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