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Unique & Enticing Wedding Desserts You MUST See

Although traditional wedding cakes are still a classic and timeless choice, the world of wedding desserts has an incredible amount of untapped potential. With all the salty and sweet you know and love, the possibilities are endless. Have some fun and choose a wedding dessert that is unique & shows your personality and more of what you love.

Take a look at just a few great choices to add a little more spice to your wedding, using the best party favor: desserts & food!


Want the same classic feel of cake, but don’t want to be traditional? Say no more, there are many ways you can still have the delectable taste of cake in a distinctive way.


Cupcakes may be the perfect compromise if you want to try something new but also have the same classic feel of a wedding cake. Cupcakes are easy to share, beautifully garnished and can be a mix of various flavors!

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a popular treat and can be as decorated or as simple as you want! This is another dessert that allows you to mix and choose however many flavors you would like...yum!

Prefer salty over sweet? It is your day, so play to your taste buds and share your favorite desserts with your guests.

It's Pretzel Time

Pretzel rods are such a simple and overlooked snack and now it can be a chocolate-covered treat that all salty-food-lovers will be thankful you added to the lineup. And those hanging pretzels would certainly catch everyone’s eye!

Popcorn Bag

From the movie theater to your wedding day: the salty, buttery taste of popcorn covers it all. Just because you are thinking in the realm of desserts doesn’t mean you can’t lean on a trusted favorite! And popcorn can have so many different flavors and seasonings - it will appeal to everyone.

Undeniable sweet tooth?

Candy Bar

Want a fun choice for all your guests? The opportunities of a candy bar are endless, and you can even have a party favor of you and your fiance’s favorites :) After all, the day is about you!

Rock Candy

This is a super uncommon wedding treat, but it would be such a fun addition to your day. Whether it was a childhood favorite or one that you always find yourself buying at penny candy stores - rock candy certainly satisfies a sugar craving.

Classic cookie treats!

Cookie Shots

Love cookies, but want to have them with a twist? Choose cookie shots! Milk and cookies are comforting and reminiscent, so make them the perfect addition to your special day.


Sitting around a campfire and making s’mores is a magical moment of bonding and being with nature. Whether your reception is indoors or outdoors, s’mores will be a matchless way to end the night. Gather around the s’mores and tell stories of your love...

Classic favorites with a twist!

Pie Bar

Getting married in the fall? This seasonal favorite will pull together the tastes, smells and beauty of your wedding day. Pumpkin, apple, pecan, and more.

Donut Skewers

Donuts have been a budding dessert addition in weddings for quite some time now, but there are countless ways you can make it your own. A sweet treat at the end of the night or a perfect pairing for your cup of coffee at the end of the night, you can’t go wrong choosing donuts.


Salty, sweet, sour, rich, baked, bite-sized, flaky, crunchy, glazed, candied, caramelized and juicy...the choice is yours. The great news? All of these options are COVID-friendly. Delight in trying all your dessert possibilities and don’t forget to pause and enjoy the decadence during all the beautiful moments and conversations on your wedding day.

Good luck!

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