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Wedding Planning Lessons from 2020

Reflecting on the many mishaps and tribulations of the year 2020, the world of events was certainly forced to adapt and turn challenges into opportunities. The phrase ‘pandemic bride’ became too popular and creating special moments became a burden due to global public health.

As 2021 is now unfolding, it is important to reflect on what 2020 may have taught us all. To do this, we spoke with Kate Gryp, a ‘pandemic bride,’ to have her share her feelings and advice for brides who may be going through the process.

Kate and her husband Pat got engaged in October of 2019. Their dream day was planned for October 24, 2020. The cake, the dresses, the venue, the food, the flowers and the family and friends. As the day came closer and the pandemic only worsened, Kate and Pat were forced to change their plans.

Due to yet another unforeseen circumstance, Kate and Pat had to postpone their wedding to November 14th.

“Nothing was going to stop me from getting married.”

As the planning started all over, Kate said “basically everything changed except [her] dress and [her husband’s] suit.” The wedding became less formal, taking away the processional, the first dance, the father daughter and mother son dances, the meals and the venue. Additionally, to abide by the law, they were only allowed 40 guests.

Her dream wedding vision was completely turned around.

Elements of Kate’s special day remained out of her control; however, that did not stop her from having memorable moments. After Kate first put on her wedding dress, she shared a tender, emotional moment with her mother. During the ceremony, Kate and her husband shared an unforgettable laugh as they “forgot to put each other’s rings on during the ceremony and had to make [their] officiant stop and go back!”

Kate remembers the day fondly as it is one that every young child may dream of. Having a wedding during a global pandemic is uncharted waters. This has never been dealt with before; thus opening the door for wedding planners and partners in love to be creative in how they tie the knot.

Weddings over Zoom, chairs six feet apart, venues with capacity restrictions, goodie bags filled with PPE and outdoor weddings...these changes are being made at events all over to allow for safe celebrations.

Kate’s focus for her one year wedding anniversary is to “simplify everything” and “focus on celebrating [their] love and the people they love.” The entire situation reminded Kate, and can remind us all, that “those that show up for you in a tough time are worth holding onto.”

2020 did not make it easy to celebrate. Nonetheless, this past year taught us to focus on the people, the love, the celebration and the memories...what truly matters.

A parting piece of advice from Kate is to...

“Breathe, communicate and remember why you are getting married.”

Cheers to 2021, and remember the love that brings you to planning and wanting a wedding...even if that may be during a global pandemic!

Please feel free to share your stories in the comments and any advice you have. Thank you to Kate Gryp for answering our questions and sharing her experiences.

A special note in loving memory of Kate’s Uncle, who loved weddings and certainly would have enjoyed celebrating and showering Kate with compliments on her one year wedding anniversary. May he rest in peace.

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